About Mobtakeran Eelectronic Kish Co. Ltd.

Mobtakeran Eelectronic Kish Co. Ltd. is an official distributor of mobile phone operators (Hamrahe Avval, Iranmobile, Rightel and Shuttle Mobile) and commenced its activity in the Telecommunication Industry of Iran since 2013. Enjoying a brilliant history of a decade of specialized activity and continuous efforts in providing organizational solutions to supply and sell electronic services of mobile phone operators, Mobtakeran Eelectronic Kish Co. Ltd. has always followed the tenet of

long-term cooperation and ensured the stability of service to its customers.

Scope of Activity of Mobtakeran Electronic Kish Company:

  •    Sales and activation of mobile phone SIM cards
  •    Sales of charging of Prepaid SIM card
  •    Sales of mobile phone SIM card internet packages
  •    Providing transaction processing services in the field of Telecommunication

Recruiting the most experienced specialists and experts in information and communication technology and cooperating with the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Mobtakeran Eelectronic Kish Company is the first company in Iran which provides the consumer market with the electronic products and services of all mobile phone operators of the country in an integrated manner and mainly in B2B form.

Mobtakeran Eelectronic Kish Company, in addition to serving large customers such as banks, Payment Service Providers (PSP), companies active in the field of Fintech, has prepared special and flexible solutions for smaller groups such as startups and in this way, it has provided these companies and teams active in Telecommunication with a comprehensive access to the products and services of mobile phone operators at low cost and high availability.